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  1. russell

    I have SharePoint 2010 document library with an External Data Column called Contract that looks up a contract in an oracle database. The External Data Column returns additional columns for Addressline1, AddressLine2, AddressLIne3, etc. . I created an MS Word (2010) template and added the document properties using Insert -> QuickParts -> Document Property -> {Property name}. I created Quickparts for the Contract Number (the Key) and addressline1, AddressLine2,3,4,5, etc. (i.e -the Additional Fields returned from the External Data Column).

    Now when the user selects a Contact Number from its quickpart, AddressLine1, AddressLine2,3,4 are populated with the proper data from the oracle database. Worrks Great! But there are a number of times when the AddressLine2 or AddressLine3 property will be blank. Unfortunately, I still see the AddressLine2 or AddressLine3 field in the document. How do I hide these?

    I Understand that I should be able to use Word “Field Codes” to hide the Quick parts if the values is empty(

    I tried putting the following field in my word template
    { IF [Contract:EntityAddress2] “” [Contract:EntityAddress2]}

    Plus a dozen other variations– but none seem to work. In this Scenario, I am Using Word 2010.

    1. teylyn


      this does not seem to have anything to do with the topic of this page. Are you just spreading (i.e. spamming) your question wherever you can or is there a particular reason you posted it here?

  2. Peter Skinner

    Hi Teylyn

    I’m a really dumb soon to be forced to be an excel user but want to keep using my iPad.

    Dumb question. Can I widen the columns and do stuff I’d normally rely on a mouse for ?

    Sorry to ask such a low grade question, but I do not want to buy a Windows based laptop, but my work colleagues will be referring me excel spreadsheets – really really basic ones at that – but I can’t see how I can do simple things such as the column thing!

    Thank you. Peter

  3. Tabitha

    I am trying to build a megamenu using the directions in your article “SharePoint Mega Menu from a DVWP and a List”. You reference images and I have searched for the image files and could not find anything that is available for download. Are you able to share those images or can you explain what you did to create them?

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