Leader lines for Excel doughnut charts

Leader lines for Excel doughnut charts

If a doughnut chart is just a pie chart with a hole in it, why then does it behave so differently from a pie chart, for example when it comes to creating and positioning chart labels. In a doughnut chart, you can’t just drag the chart label outside of the wedge to create a label [...]

Sort legend items in Excel charts

Sort legend items in Excel charts

Is it possible to sort legend items in a different order than the data appears in the table? Yes, but there’s a bit of work involved. Read more. cheers, teylyn

XY quadrant chart

XY Scatter chart with quadrants

A little finger exercise in XY charts: a chart with percentage scales on the X and Y axes, divided into quadrants. Full step by step is here. cheers, teylyn

Sumproduct() error messages

So you’ve just created a Sumproduct() formula with lots of parameters. You hit enter and you get #Value! — Hmm. You go about and inspect the formula, change a few things. Hit enter and you get #N/A — Hmm again. Wish you knew for what reason Sumproduct shows #Value! and for what reason it shows [...]

Conditional formatting for dates in Excel 2007 — that’s not right?!

If you use conditional formatting with Excel 2007 to highlight dates, then you may be in for a surprise in December or January. The conditional formatting with “dates occurring” does not always produce correct results when the year changes. Excel 2007 does not recognise that January follows on December or that December precedes January. A [...]

Sumproduct() returns wrong results in Excel 2007

Working on a question submitted in an on-line forum the other day, I stumbled upon a phenomenon that threatened to do my head in. The asker of the question had attached her workbook to the post, created with Excel 2007. As of writing this, I am working mainly with Excel 2003 and the Excel 2010 [...]